It’s a Fiesta at Wendy’s this summer with the release of their latest burger the new Mexican Tequila Crunch. With a hint of real Mexican tequila in the tangy lime salsa, this mouth-watering morsel will have you dancing the night away. Made by Hamilton boutique food producer Wild Country, the tequila lime salsa is made from crushed tomatoes, honey, mustard, lime, spices and a splash of silver tequila.

Unlike the real thing, the alcohol is cooked out of the salsa so this tequila burger won’t leave you hurting the next day. Complete with corn chips for added crunch, sour cream, avocado and red onion along with Wendy’s famous Manuka-smoked streaky bacon, natural Colby cheese and your choice of chicken or beef all on a toasted Kaiser bun, this burger packs a punch.

Positioning the new burger range as a ‘taste from across the border’, the campaign leverages the infamous Mexican border – an ever-constant topic of conversation regularly featured in film, TV shows and of course, Donald Trump’s twitter rants. As part of the launch of the Mexican Tequila Crunch, Wendy’s agency Augusto created a controversial ad campaign. The advertisement shows customers being surprised with an offer to try the new burger for free, but only if they’re willing to take it down the road and eat it on foreign soil – inside a competitor restaurant. As part of the social media campaign, Wendy’s are encouraging fans on social media to cross the border and upload a photo of them eating the new burger in a rival store, using the hashtag #bordercrossing.