Experience The Unexpected In Super Mario Bros. Wonder

Jump into the next evolution of Super Mario Bros. with Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the first 2D side-scrolling Super Mario Bros. game in over ten years, with a new Flower Kingdom to explore, a wide variety of characters and game-changing items that create surprising effects.

A new Mario-themed Nintendo Switch with Joy-Con controllers and Nintendo Switch dock, the OLED Model Mario Red Edition, will also be available in stores and the My Nintendo Store early next month.

In Super Mario Bros. Wonder, the benevolent Prince Florian invites Mario and his friends to the Flower Kingdom, but Bowser has other plans. With just a single touch of the mysterious Wonder Flower, Bowser merges with Prince Florian’s castle, and chaos spreads across the land.

The Flower Kingdom comprises six distinct worlds circling the Petal Isles, allowing players to explore different realms. The game also debuts new power-ups such as the Elephant Fruit, which allows Mario and some of his friends to transform into Elephant form as they swing their trunks to attack enemies, destroy blocks and dash across significant gaps.

The Bubble form allows you to blow floating bubbles that can be used to capture enemies from a distance, and the Drill form allows you to burrow and move through the ground.

New enemies to encounter are Hoppycats, Melon Piranha Plants, Condarts and Maw-Maws, and as the adventure progresses, players can also earn in-game badges, each with its unique ability, like wall-climb jumping, dolphin kicks, crouching high jump, grappling vine and invisibility.

Super Mario Bros. Wonder launches at retail, in the Nintendo eShop for Nintendo Switch and in the My Nintendo Store on the 20th of October, and pre-orders are now available.