Explore The World With Diptyque

MECCA is welcoming a new chapter of Diptyque into their stores today, 60 years after the introduction of Diptyque’s first scented candle. Combining aesthetic appeal, technical excellence and environmental responsibility, Diptyque have created a range of refillable candles. 

Les Mondes de Diptyque promises an exploration of the world and all its beauty. The collection interprets a number of little-known and remarkable places through a blend of nature and culture.

The new additions stay true to the design of the classic candle, cased in a glass vessel of three ovals. The engraved lid doubles as a base. The candles are made from a blend of several waxes, chosen to highlight the olfactory composition. Once the wax has been burnt, it can be replaced by a fresh block, designed to fit perfectly into the contours of the glass.

Les Mondes de Diptyque has been designed to open a doorway to a different, faraway world. Each candle tells the history of the location it embodies through fragrant smoke.

Nymphées Merveilles (Nymphaeum of Wonders) is inspired by the garden of the Villa Borromeo Visconti, located near Milan. The fragrance captures the garden of wonders at its finest, lined with blossoming orange trees, the tangy citrus scent is evident.

La Forêt Rêve (Forest Dreams) comes from the heart of the Mexican jungle. Las Pozas has been transformed from an ancient orchid garden into an indulgent sanctuary for vegetation and art. La Forêt Rêve replicates the dreamlike spirit of the garden by capturing the fragrance of tropical flowers.

The third candle in the collection, Temple des Mousses (Moss Temple), leads to Kyoto. On the southern slopes of the Arashiyama Mountain, sits a Japanese garden where over one hundred rare varieties of moss thrive in the dim light of the forest. The woody accents of moss, bark, lichen and notes of matcha are conducive to meditation and contemplation.  

In the province of Jiangxi, hides the town of Jingdezhen, where tradition meets modernity. La Vallée du Temps (Valley of Time) is an escape to the area, famous for the white tea that grows nearby. Lighting the candle offers a peek into a thousand-year-old workshop, located within the tea plantations, where ancestral flavours and practices are still very much alive.

Time is suspended in Terres Blondes (Golden Lands). The stone city of Mesa Verde, perched beneath the cliffs of the Colorado Plateau was built centuries ago by Native Americans. The original inhabitants knew how to tame the hostile land and produce fields of nourishing crops. Once lit, Terres Blondes, brings the warm air of the great American west into your space.

The unique experience Les Mondes de Diptyque offers is rounded out by the addition of delicately perfumed matches. Diptyque wishes to invite customers to embark on a journey of the world over and over again.