Fashion Moments Inspired by Ice-Cream

Ice-cream is more than just everyone’s favourite dessert, for some it serves as inspiration for their craft. Fashion designers from around the world have taken this delectable dessert and transformed it into masterpieces. Here are some examples of the greatest fashion moments inspired by Ice-Cream.


Magnum ice-creams celebrated 25 years of delicious desserts by launching an impressive 13-million-dollar campaign. One of the ways the brand celebrated this milestone was by creating art!

The brand enlisted the help of celebrity designer Henry Holland to create a dress made entirely out of chocolate and styled it to look like one of their signature ice creams.

The dress took 100 hours to complete and used enough chocolate to create 833 classic Magnum ice creams. The result was stunning, but I would be careful where you take your ensemble. A day out in the sun could be disastrous…


This garment is simply charming. JapanLA was a real trendsetter when they released this adorable melted ice-cream dress, which rose quickly in popularity around the world.

No bells and whistles, just a simple cotton dress styled to look like a delicious ice-cream on a hot summer’s day. The ensemble is perfect for dessert enthusiasts and trend followers alike.

Just like wearing a shirt from your favourite band lets the world know you’re a fan, stepping out in this sweet dress screams to the world “I love ice-cream!”


Photographer Toufic Araman created this ice-cream fashion edition for Oryx Premium Magazine.

Models are splayed out on their back, covered in big, puffy and over the top garments with an ice cream cone on top of their head. From the description alone one may not immediately understand what is going on, but Araman brings his vision to life with his detailed photography.

The models in their decadent and oversized clothing look like puddles of melted ice-cream, each colour of their dresses is a different flavour and their accessories make for hard-to-swallow sprinkles. The cone on top of their heads brings the whole look together, creating a stunning display of fashion ingenuity.

But ice-cream lovers may want to look away, as there is nothing sadder than a good ice-cream cone having fallen and gone to waste.