Feel the Burn With Wendy’s New Jalapeño Crunch

Wendy’s is adding more fire to its menu with a new Jalapeño Crunch burger. Pickled jalapeño chillies and spicy jalapeño sauce bring the burn, while crunchy onion rings, warm gooey cheese sauce and cooling tomato and lettuce make it all the more bearable and delicious.

Coming with your choice of fresh ½ pound of beef or crispy fried chicken breast with a hot pepper and spice coating, this generous burger also features Colby cheese and Wendy’s signature manuka smoked bacon, of course.

For an extra kick, double up with two spicy chicken breast fillets, add a side of jalapeño fries smothered in more of that smoky, spicy jalapeño sauce and gooey cheese sauce and then cool off with a Margarita Spritz. Available for a limited time, Wendy’s Jalapeño Crunch – it’s a nice burn.

GIVEAWAY –Wendy’s have 5 Jalapeño Crunch vouchers to give away, each including a Jalapeno Crunch chicken burger, jalapeño fries and a large Margarita Spritz, for more information visit wendys.co.nz and follow on Facebook and Instagram.