Find Your Perfect Doggo Companion Based On Your Zodiac Sign

A dog is a man’s best friend. We love having a pet who loves you unconditionally. With New Zealand being such a pet-friendly country, you might be looking into getting your first pet or wondering which type of breed will suit you the best.

So no better way to find your perfect match than with a list based on your zodiac sign, right? Go on, keep on reading.

Aquarius ❤ German Shepherd

Aquarius’ are intelligent, creative and unique individuals. Even though an Aquarius may have many friends, but they find it difficult finding someone to have a heart-to-heart conversation with. Therefore, German Shepherds are perfect for an Aquarius, as they are smart, stable, and don’t like to associate with strangers.

Pisces ❤ Labrador

Labradors are known for their friendliness and being close to humans. Pisces are kind-hearted, sensitive, with a mind full of imagination, and a sucker for romance. Together, they are the perfect duo.

Aries ❤ Bichon

An Aries loves adventure and freedom; even though Bichons are a small dog breed, they share the love of freedom equally. Bichons are naturally playful, which will bring Aries lots of fun and joy.

Taurus ❤ Samoyed

A typical Taurus falls heavy on the scale of a good life – materialistically. So a majestic Samoyed would be their perfect choice. They are intelligent, loyal, and, more importantly, who can resist their white furry coat and that signature Samoyed smile!

Gemini ❤ Chow Chow

Chow Chows kind of live in a world of their own, which means, you may need a lot more patience when training them. That also means they are great at taking care of themselves. So accidental neglect won’t affect them too much, which is perfect for Geminis’ and their half-hearted personality.

Cancer ❤ Pomeranian

Cancers are known for their sensitive, caring, and sentimental personality. Therefore, an affectionate Pomeranian is a perfect match. Pomeranians will be able to work their magic especially during times of boredom and loneliness.

Leo ❤ Rough Collie

Rough Collies are loyal, obedient, and considerate. They take orders from owners seriously and are always on high alert when they are with a stranger. This makes them perfect for Leo’s as Leo’s are natural-born leaders who seek loyalty, envy, and worship.

Virgo ❤ Golden Retriever

Virgos have a delicate mind and are often a perfectionist, which needs to be paired with Golden Retrievers since they are sweet, reliable, confident and not afraid of new things. The definition of opposite attracts!

Libra ❤ Husky

Libras are a sociable bunch with a mind full of curiosity; therefore, Huskies are perfect for Libras as they are all about the “pack-life”.

Scorpio ❤ Greyhound

Greyhounds are publicly known to be one of the best dog breeds, the fastest dog globally. Their existence dates back to ancient Egypt as they were the guardians of the Pharaohs. Some traits of Scorpios are also publicly known to be the best. They are mysterious, unpredictable and they give off an enticing dark energy vibe. Name a more iconic duo, I’ll wait.

Sagittarius ❤ Chihuahua

Sagittarius’ are optimistic and passionate beings, but they have a pretty sensitive heart deep down; hence the adorable Chihuahua is their best companion. Chihuahua’s are small, delicate, and have a sharp personality, but once they’ve decided on you as their an owner, they are bound to stick by your side 24/7.

Capricorn ❤ Rottweiler

A typical Capricorn is ambitious and strict on themselves; therefore, a dog breed that is brave and vigorous like a Rottweiler is best suited for a Capricorn. They also have a stunning, muscular appearance.