Nedalheads, rejoice – the crossover band you never knew you needed is heading to New Zealand.

Okilly Dokilly is a metalcore outfit from Phoenix, Arizona with one heck of a darn diddly twist – they’re inspired by everyone’s favourite clean-living neighbour, Ned Flanders from The Simpsons.

The five-piece band, comprising vocalist Head Ned, guitarist Shred Ned, synth player Zed Ned, drummer Dread Ned, and bass guitarist Bed Ned, perform songs with titles like ‘Godspeed Little Doodle’, ‘Vegetables’, and ‘Donut Hell’. The majority of their lyrics are actual Ned Flanders quotes, and each member dresses in Flanders’ iconic pink shirt and green sweater.

The band’s 2016 debut album, Howdilly Doodilly, received a five-star review by Rock n Reel, and featured iconic opener ‘White Wine Spritzer’.

Okily Dokily will play Auckland’s Whammy Bar on February 17 and San Fran in Wellington on February 18. Melbourne-based Dr Collossus, who released their single ‘Stupid Sexy Flanders’ in response to Okilly Dokilly’s rise to fame, will play as their support act.