Malia simply wanted a litre of milk. Her baby Zach had miraculously fallen asleep on the drive over and as a mother of three, she knew better than to wake a sleeping baby. Just a quick trip into the supermarket wouldn’t hurt for just a few beautiful moments of silence. At least that’s what she thought until she returns with her litre of milk and Zach nowhere to be found. Detective Sergeant Ali Greenberg knows that Malia’s case is way too close to home to be appropriate for her to assign herself to. But not a single person in her precinct can understand the gut-wrenching fear of losing a child the way Ali can, so she tells herself that no one is better equipped for the task. A story of two mothers who band together to find missing baby Zach and prove just how far a parent will go to keep their child safe. Forgotten written by Nicole Trope is a fascinating and bone-chilling tale most definitely worth a read.