Fragrance Feelings

The right perfume can completely change the way you feel. We all have that one scent we wear on a night out that makes us feel confident and classy.

In order to bring those uplifting vibes into the every day, MECCA has put together a guide that explores how fragrance makes you feel.

Here are our favourites!

Feels like adventure, smells like…

A tropical holiday; salty skin and sea breeze. Calming yet uplifting.

Ellis Brooklyn SALT Eau De Parfum

Feels like serenity, smells like…

Fresh, clean laundry. A modern take on a classic floral aldehyde.


Feels like confidence, smells like…

Running through a garden at night; creamy white florals with a dreamy marshmallow hit.

Vilhelm Moon Carnival EDP

Feels like glamour, smells like…

Old-world glamour; a cocktail bar, leather chairs, and gin and tonic.

Diptyque Orphéon EDP

Feels like romance, smells like…

The first flush of spring buds; fresh florals in bloom, vanilla, and matcha.

Floral Street Sweet Almond Blossom EDP