Georgia Angus’ Guide To The World’s Most Beguiling Birds

From the deserts of Mexico to the rainforest-blanketed mountains of Papua New Guinea, birds have found remarkable ways to survive against vast odds.

Birdwatching has always been incredibly popular, and the COVID lockdowns inspired a surge, with #birdtok having over 1.3 billion views.

Birds with Personality takes readers around the world through the eyes of some of the most charismatic bird species on the planet as author and illustrator Georgia Angus introduces 50 bird species, with information on each bird’s size, diet, migration patterns, behaviours and conservation concerns, plus distribution maps and stunning illustrations.

The featured birds range from the tiny zunzuncito hummingbird, which weighs only two grams, to the enormous wandering albatross, which can circumnavigate the Southern Ocean three times a year.

With Angus’ accessible writing style, engaging personal observations and intricate illustrations, the book perfectly balances information and beautiful visuals.

Birds with Personality will help readers observe the most iconic birds in the world and appreciate them for their beauty and brilliance.