Designed from the inside out, the innovative Blunt umbrellas are a force to be reckoned with. It’s not just a pretty umbrella and definitely a must-have for every individual, especially anyone who lives in New Zealand in general. Blunt’s tips and telescopic ribs are an integral part of their unique radial tensioning system creating the world’s ONLY fully tensioned umbrella.

Blunt + UV is another innovation of theirs. It’s the ultimate lightweight umbrella that blocks over 99 percent of UV rays. Blunt Lite+ is an all-weather umbrella. Rain, hail, snow or sun, you’re covered. The special opaque canopy fabric blocks 99.99 percent of the sunlight and more than 99 percent of the ultra-violet light. The Lite+ also features an e-Dry water repellent quick-dry coating. So with one quick flick, your umbrella is instantly dry again.