GIFT GUIDE: Fabuleux Vous

Fabuleux Vous is a New Zealand designed boutique jewellery brand that specialises in sterling silver. Our focus is on design, international trends and delivery, bringing unique and innovative pieces to both the jewellery and fashion space. Inspiration for design comes from life itself, the journeys we travel and the world at large. Fabuleux Vous loves to tell stories through their jewellery such as the Napoleon collection which is representative of Napoleon the Emperor and how he claimed the Fleur de Lies as the national emblem for France along with an obsession with the Bee.

Everything is hand finished and comes beautifully packaged. Founded by Director Helen Thompson-Carter in 2014, Fabuleux Vous is growing as a recognised jewellery brand in New Zealand and now has export markets in Australia, Netherlands along with giving the US and UK markets a nudge.

“We hope you love and enjoy your piece of Fabuleux Vous as much as we have loved designing and bringing it to market, just for you!”