Google Maps is More Than Just Navigation: 5 Useful Hidden Functions You Need to Know!

Google Maps is one of the most used navigation apps around the world, but instead of just using it to get to places, did you know there are other useful functions you can use to expand its abilities? We’ve put together our top 5 hidden functions that you definitely need to try out!

1. Parking Location

Going to somewhere new? Or you’re someone that forgets where you park easily? Google Maps can set where you’ve parked in the app so you can always find your car! Simply park your car, tap on the blue dot representing your location and choose “Set as parking location”.

2. Your Timeline

This function is particularly useful now that we live in a COVID-19 world. Tap on your profile icon and choose “Your timeline”. Google Maps will show all the places you have been to every day so you can keep track of your movements.

For this function to work, Google Maps location must be always turned on.

3. Offline Maps

Google Maps is a necessity when it comes to trips to places that have poor signal – think rural weekend off-the-grid escape. Offline maps allow you to download locations beforehand so you can still access the map even when you run out of signal or data.

4. Real-time Location

With Google Maps, you can share your real-time location with your contacts for as long as you like. It is the perfect solution for “where are you now?” – you’ll either be happy or annoyed about this function…

5. Switch Up your Vehicle Icon

Tired of looking at the blue arrow? Tap on the arrow to access three other icons that will move with you when you are using the navigation function. Now that’s just too cute!