IncaFé is founded on the belief that organic agriculture produces food that is tastier, contains more nutrients and is much better for the environment and the growers. It provides the growers’ communities much-needed jobs and companion crops for local food supply and construction materials.

IncaFé’s coffee beans are mostly grown in forested ecosystems where companion plantings, canopy shade, and an abundance of insect and bird life all contribute to healthy plants in fertile soil, producing full-flavoured coffee beans. Obviously, organic agriculture keeps water sources clean.

Coffee is originally a shade plant and is perfect for organic agriculture. It is one of the easiest crops where organic growing with the right companion plantings can produce a higher income for the grower, better coffee for you and a better environment for all, so the question is why not organic? Especially now that it is predicted that 50 percent of the area used for coffee growing won’t be suitable for coffee growing by 2050 due to climate change, the solution is to go back to more shade growing.

Once back at shade growing, organic production is only a relatively small step. It is truly win-win if that is the path chosen rather than genetic manipulation which is pursued as one of the answers.

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