Harness the Power of Early Learning with the Stokke MuTable

Stokke, the Scandinavian maker of premium children’s products, is launching a reimagined design of their famous Stokke MuTable – the kid’s table built to play, learn, and grow; packed with endless possibilities.

Crafted from sturdy, natural wood with softly curved edges, the play table concept offers activities for each stage of development, from toddler, pre-school and beyond. Designed with easy-to-add leg extensions, the table adjusts to your child’s growing size, taking play to new levels.

The Stokke MuTable concept stimulates the senses, inviting children to use their imagination. Each play table comes with three engaging, double-sided colourful activity boards to set the scene for everyday adventures. Little ones can be a superhero, save the world, or create their very own story.

In a world filled with screens, it’s more important than ever to encourage children to explore and learn through play. Independent play helps children to problem solve and become self-reliant, while social play supports cooperation and teamwork.

Johanne Smith-Nielsen, Associate Professor Ph.D. Clinical Psychologist University of Copenhagen, shared Stokke’s belief that play is an essential part of healthy child development and calls play a “signature behaviour” of early childhood:

“Research indicates that language skills are nurtured during pretend play. Whether little ones are engaging with toys, or make-believe games, playing helps children explore and discover with both their hands and minds”.

The Stokke MuTable Chair is the ideal add-on for little ones to sit comfortably when they draw, build, and create. Made with sturdy high-quality wood, the chair is durable and safe for even the most active toddlers.

Similarly to the play table, the chair can be enjoyed as little ones grow, with an adjustable seat height and removable backrest, transforming the chair into a stool, supportive enough for never-ending growth spurts. Available in coordinating colours to the Stokke MuTable Play Table, designs can be mixed and matched to suit all surroundings.

The Stokke MuTable and MuTable Chair, as all Stokke products, are crafted from sturdy wood which is made to last for many years. In using natural materials like wood, imperfections including slight colour differences or dark spots may sometimes occur, none of which have an impact on the material or product’s structural integrity. Accepting such minor imperfections allows Stokke to save more than 80% of the sourced material, without quality loss, making each Stokke MuTable Play Table and Chair authentic, individual, and most importantly a more responsible product.

Add-on accessories make sure your little one will always have something new to inspire them; from character toys, building blocks and scene-setting scenarios, children can shape new adventures each time they play.

Stokke MuTable Play Table, MuTable Chair, and accessories are exclusively available at Dimples.