Would You Get Groomed Alongside Your Dog?

A new research from Afterpay revealed that 54 percent of us would willingly sacrifice our own self-care to spoil our pets. This statistic doesn’t just reflect our willingness to spend on high-quality food, the latest toys, or grooming services for our pets; it also highlights a deep emotional bond with our four-legged family members.

The study shows that this isn’t a one-sided affair: 60 percent of us find that caring for our pets also uplifts our own well-being. Likewise, 59 percent view it as a way to express love and gratitude to these adorable creatures that enrich our lives in countless ways.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Animates, highlighting the convenience and flexibility of Afterpay being available in the pet care category,” said Katrina Konstas, EVP, Country Manager and Head of Sales APAC at Afterpay. “Our research underscores the strong bond that Kiwis share with their pets, and we’re proud to offer a solution that enables them to prioritise their pets’ well-being, and ultimately their own too, without compromise.”

From a financial perspective, 78 percent of pet owners think the emotional benefits far outstrip the monetary costs. However, 69 percent do admit that owning a pet often comes with unexpected expenses.

Additional Key Findings:

  • Daily Pampering: One in five Kiwis spoil their pets daily, with over 65 percent doing so weekly. In contrast, only 25 percent treat themselves as frequently.
  • Preferred Pet Treats: Toys, premium pet food, and special snacks are the go-to indulgences, followed by luxury items like top-notch beds and grooming.
  • Human Luxuries: When it comes to spoiling ourselves, 71 percent of Kiwis tend to splash out on dining experiences or gourmet food items.

I recently had the unique experience of attending one of Afterpay and Animates’ pop-up salons with my dog, Vinny. It wasn’t just another salon visit; this one was specially designed for pets and their owners. Vinny got a grooming session and even relished four gourmet dog cupcakes. The joy it brought highlights why many Kiwis don’t mind going the extra mile for their pets.

The pop-up salon was completed with a ‘pawtraits’ photography session, capturing that special bond we share with our pets. It serves as a testament to New Zealand’s deep-rooted affection for its four-legged family members, confirming that a little pampering can indeed go a long way for both pets and their human companions.