Have You Found The Last Golden Ticket?

With two of the three Super Insects Golden Tickets found by lucky customers already, excitement is growing across the country as Kiwi’s search high and low for the final Golden Ticket.

The two lucky winners are already locking in their plans for their $10,000 luxury eco holiday, one more holiday is still up for grabs – the hunt is still on!

The third and final ticket could be ANYWHERE in New Zealand. Look for gold wrapping tucked into a card pack given out with every $30 you spend at Countdown Supermarkets.

To celebrate most areas in New Zealand going back to Alert Level 1 (sorry Aucklanders), Countdown is bringing back their famous swap days this weekend in stores.

If you’re having trouble finding a Giraffe Weevil or the Wellington Tree Weta, head into your local Countdown with your double ups and make a swap – you might even bump into our very own Bug Man, Rudd Kleinpaste, while you’re there!

Keep your eyes peeled and get collecting – your dream destination holiday is just one golden ticket away!