Ultimate babe Emma Roberts played the curious high schooler Vee Delmonico who was one day tired of living life on the sidelines. Pressured by her friends to be fun, she joins a popular online game called Nerve… and the rest is history. Sink your teeth into the trailer and get ready for a wild ride with stunning cinematography directed by Ariel Schulman and Henry Joost. This movie is packed with adrenaline which is fueled by increasing dangerous stunts from the app. Don’t play this at home.

I absolutely loved this movie and would happily watch again and again and still find myself on the edge of my seat with my stomach turning from the deathly heights. Did you know that Dave Franco, co-star to the ultra babe, actually had to learn how to ride a motorcycle for this film? He said he wanted the scenes to look realistic when he was driving down the roads with Emma Roberts on her back! That’s so cool, but also super terrifying for Roberts. I mean is he still technically on his learners? I still wouldn’t be that confident jumping on… Maybe I should join the app, get a little bit more spontaneous…

I love this movie because it really is the best display of the millennial generation paired with the dangers of the internet and being a “Watcher”.

9/10 STARS

Watch the trailer here below!