Heavensent products are your pantry staples and they are open to take your orders NOW.

Heavensent has a large range of handmade vinaigrettes, dressings and condiments and their new MEATLESS Meal Mixes are ambient products. They have a naturally long shelf life ranging from 6 months to 2 years, which represents great value for money at this challenging time.

The Heavensent Gourmet range presently includes dressingsvinaigrettesmayonnaisessalsasrelishespickles & a variety of sauces and their very popular range of New Zealand made jarred sweets.

They have recently added a range of Heavensent MEATLESS Meal Mixes which caters for the rising demand for vegan and vegetarian foods. These products taste great and are made by just adding water. They have proven especially popular with flexitarians who still eat meat. They are tasty and filling while answering the need for a protein product that replaces meat whilst being planet and animal friendly.

To order or for more information about our range visit www.HeavensentGourmet.co.nz, phone 0800 132 583, or email Denise at office@heavensentgourmet.co.nz.