Hey Cookie Monsters – It’s International Cookie Day!

Om nom nom nom nom! We LOVE cookies! So, just in time for International Cookie Day, we have decided on two cookie brands that take the cookie cake when it comes to this beloved sweet treat. Get in our bellies!

Justine’s Cookies 

Every day is cookie day for Justine and the team at Justine’s Cookies. But they like to do it a little different to the average cookie dealer. All of their cookies are high in protein, high in fibre, but low in sugar and carbs and provide you with a guilt-free snack to satisfy your sugar-loving taste buds.

The delicious range of cookies won’t extend your waistline, rot your teeth or spike blood sugar – things that are found in lots of cookies in your pantry.

Being gluten and dairy-free herself, founder Justine wanted to create something that everyone can enjoy. Whether you are on a specific diet like keto or vegan, are diabetic or intolerant to specific ingredients, Justine’s Cookies will be able to provide you with tasty cookie options.

The team have ensure that they only source ethical ingredients and only use RSPO or sustainably sourced palm oil so they are assisting only the most ethical production of oil available.

Having the highest quality of cookies possible and most tasty range is important to Justine, that’s why she is constantly coming up with new flavours or higher quality ingredients to include in her line. The team at Justine’s aren’t complaining, they love testing every cookie flavour before it gets sent to focus groups and expert taste testers (SIGN US UP!!!)

Enjoy your Cookie Day with Justine’s tasty treats. Available at www.justinescookies.com.

Molly Woppy

Molly Woppy is a NZ artisan, and the brainchild of Alistair Parker and Hayley Molloy, who baked up the plan in 2002 to make premium, artisanal cookies available to every household.

Starting in their humble home kitchen in Auckland, the pair mixed and scooped, baking into the night. Fast forward to 2019, now in a commercial premise and sticking to their true value of handmade, the Artisan Range has taken off in the market which contains fresh on-trend flavours and old-fashioned favourites.   The delectable and eye-catching range contains gluten and dairy free options that have not been compromised with taste.  Molly Woppy uses natural, real ingredients like free range eggs, NZ butter and honey; real ingredients that you would find at home.

The Artisan Cookies contain 7 delicious flavours including their most iconic product, Gingerbread Kids which are dressed in exclusive buttons that are 100% free from artificial colours, flavours, preservatives and palm oil

Molly Woppy Handmade Artisan Range is available nationwide, offering an everyday premium cookie for all.