High-Vis Pet Couture

This collab by Southern Cross Pet Insurance X Matthew Adams Dolan is the cutest collection that features mini puffer jackets, vests, coats, jumpers and scarves for our fluffiest friends. New Zealand is a nation of pet-lovers and we’ll do anything to protect them, but is there more we can do?

They plan to take on is the heartbreaking threat of pet injury and death on our roads each year. They came up with the innovative solution that pets need to be seen! It’s all part of their ‘live your pet life’ mission that’s using data, insights and innovation to prolong our precious time with our fur babies.

Designer Matthew Adams Dolan said: “Right from the start of this project when we started talking about the road safety issue for pets, and the number of them that are injured or killed around roads every day, it was really clear that we needed to make the issue visible to more people, and quite simply make more pets visible around dangerous roads.”

“It has been super fun to apply those same design principles to a pet puffer with an oversized hood, chunky knitted jumpers with reflective yarns, a reflective trench coat with large folds and even an iridescent rainbow doggy shirt with a shawl. In total, the VIS – Road Safety Collection has 10 handmade couture items and a ready to wear bandana range that
makes VIS accessible to all pets across New Zealand.

Southern Cross Pet Insurance members can now get their hands on one of five original couture VIS road safety outfits, or one of a hundred made to wear VIS road safety bandanas. Head to Southern Cross to register your details for a chance to win, or sign up for Southern Cross Pet Insurance.

“It has been a special and fun experience collaborating with Southern Cross Pet Insurance on something that will make a real difference to the safety of pets around roads. It’s rare I get the opportunity to work on things that aren’t solely embedded in the fashion world. And who knows, maybe we’ll follow it up with a VIS summer collection in the future.”