How To Be Single, the girls version of The Hangover.

A bit like Sex in the City, How to Be Single, follows four women as they attempt to navigate their way through relationships, careers and one-night stands.  Receptionist and wild child Robin (Rebel Wilson) pals up with Alice (Dakota Johnson) who after four years of dating has recently broken up with nice-guy Josh in order to experience being alone and a chance to do the things she has always wanted to do but didn’t get around to doing (somehow she believes that being single is the answer to this). Robin however is happily single, a party girl with a go nowhere job that she is barely hanging onto, and a casual attitude to hooking up with the nearest able guy.

Alice’s and Robin soon meet up with bartender Tom (Anders Holm), who is an in your face no excuses tag-and-release bachelor who counsels Alice in the ways of casual sex and anti-commitment. His advice to avoid that awkward morning after is to make sure that there is nothing to eat in the flat leaving the girl with nowhere to go but home.  Tom also strikes up a friendship with Lucy (Alison Brie), who is totally committed to her search for Mr Right even using spreadsheets and algorithms to plan how the guys she dates will fit the bill.

The relationships of all four tend to be the blink and you miss them kind, but there is some funny craziness and one-liners that make this a chick-flick version of the Hangover with just enough laughs to make this worth the ticket. If you liked Sex & the City then this is definitely one for the girls night out.

3/5 stars