Surfwear brand Hurley has teamed up with world champion surfer John John Florence to launch a new signature boardshort, the Hurley Phantom JJF 3 Nebula Elite Boardshort.

Used to describe astronomical objects and galaxies outside of the Milky Way, a Nebula is an interstellar cloud of ionized gases, the very pillars of planetary creation. Nebulae have been a source of inspiration for Florence throughout his life and are now captured by Hurley in the new design, interpreting his style and influence.

Combining futuristic function and durability, the Hurley JJF 3 Phantom Boardshorts are built with laserscopic precision and state of the art materials to keep up with Florence’s enigmatic abilities in the ocean. Overseen by Florence himself from start to finish, the boardshorts’ advanced innovation and aesthetic offer a window into his restless mind. They are a direct extension of his brilliance in the ocean and are as authentic and original as he is out of the water.

“They need to hold up in every condition, eight hours a day,” said Florence. To do this, Hurley utilised a new Phantom durable stretch material.