FUJIFILM latest camera means that you’ll never miss that action shot. The X-H1 is the latest model in the X Series range of mirrorless cameras. The X-H1 includes an innovative 5-axis in-body image stabilisation system that allows the photographer to shoot tack sharp images, while being handheld, at very slow shutter speeds.

Perfect for shooting various action-packed sports and activities, the X-H1 has a newly-designed, robust and durable body and incorporates a range of useful features demanded by professional photographers and videographers. This model will be a dream-come-true for X Series users who have long desired additional developments to video functions, as the X-H1 includes a total of 20 functional and performance improvements to video recording.

The X-H1’s new autofocus algorithms offer enhanced shooting capabilities. Improvements include better AF-C performance while zooming a lens, improved low-light autofocus speed and improved accuracy with low contrast subjects. The X-H1 is not only compatible with the existing range of FUJINON XF lenses, but it can also be used with the new range of professional cinema lenses due for release later this year.

Fujifilm X-H1_black RRP$3,399