It’s Carole (You Know What) Baskin In Her First Interview Since Tiger King Was Released

The infamous Carole Baskin hasn’t agreed to do any press interviews or make any comments to media following the release of the hugely successful Tiger King docuseries on Netflix – until now!

Baskin agreed to an interview with none other than Jimmy Fallon. But this was no ordinary interview. Turns out, a couple of YouTubers, Josh Pieters and Archie Manners, managed to trick her into doing a fake interview with just a couple of sound bites from the Jimmy Fallon show. The duo have previously tricked several UK celebrities into conducting these interviews but didn’t know it would work for the Tiger Lady herself.

After spending hours and hours researching and watching Jimmy Fallon to collect appropriate and relevant sound bites, thanks to the countless interviews that Jimmy has done with people called ‘Kat’, or from the movie ‘Cats’ or even that one time he interviewed a cat, they had a few great snippets to choose from.

And boy was it purrrfect. The video has had over 4 million views after being posted to YouTube just 2 days ago.

So all you cool cats and kittens, watch the fake Jimmy Fallon interview the real Carole Baskin.

The question still remains though – did she really feed her husband to the tigers? Unfortunately there were no sound bites on file from Jimmy Fallon asking this specific question to other guests on his show. Jury is still out on this one….