REVIEW | The Batman (Spoiler-Free)

“That’s worth getting COVID at the cinema for,” said my husband immediately as the credits rolled.

I am living for all of the conspiracy theories online about how The Batman is actually just the time Edward was missing in Twilight sequels. Damn, he lost both babes. No wonder he doesn’t have makeup wipes.

Grungy Edward was ideal for this role, however, I got the ick from his emo straight hair that screamed 2009 rawr XD. I think we definitely could have survived without that styling choice.

His body as Bruce was skinny, lanky, mildly fit. Then he suddenly is in the suit and is ripped, tall, broad shoulders, and confident. While I enjoyed the two polarising characters that Bruce internally struggled to live with, they were too physically different for me and I couldn’t stop seeing it the whole film.

In all seriousness, Robert Pattinson did a good job as the new Batman, and I honestly was pleasantly surprised.

Worth its ticket price. Would I watch it again? Maybe.