It’s Kiwi As: A Kiwi Concert Party Coming To Villa Maria

Bic Runga, Tim Finn, The Topp Twins and Hātea Kapa Haka shouldn’t be unfamiliar names for Kiwis. They are absolutely stunning artists and performers that are coming together, live on stage for the first time – with special guests, Reb Fountain, DJ Manuel Bundy and Karl Steven.

On the 23rd of January 2021, the Villa Maria will bring you the most ‘Kiwi as’ concert ever with a mixture of original acts. Expect outstanding music, Māori performing arts and the world performing comedy-music entertainment.

“I thought after everything we’d been through together in 2020, a mix of music and comedy would be a great tonic. A modern take on the old ‘variety’ show. Then I flashed on those famous images of Bob Hope and Marilyn Monroe scurrying under the still whirring blades of a helicopter towards a makeshift stage. And I remembered Dad telling me about the troops being entertained in WW2. The idea for a Kiwi Concert Party starring Bic Runga, the Topp Twins and myself felt both classic and timely. Add into that mixture the Hātea Kapa Haka group with their amazing vocal harmonies, a musical director of the calibre of Karl Stevens, acclaimed songwriter Reb Fountain and iconic DJ Manuel Bundy and you have a unique and celebratory event. We will share the stage and shift the mood, reminding everybody what a special place NZ is. Have a sing, have a laugh, have a dance and a drop of the doings. See you there!” said Tim Finn.

Start of the Kiwi show, fans will be able to enjoy a selection of soundtracks from DJ Manuel Bundy, as well as the talented musical director Karl Steven, who will be turning this show into an epic experience.

Tickets are on sale now! Get yours today at or call 0800 111 999.