It’s Time To Layer It Up with Your Scents!

Abel Odor, the Wellington-based plant-derived fragrance house, has launched the Layering Set. A limited-edition set of their three best selling fragrances, specially designed for layering.

Just 3,000 sets are being produced and the early signs from global retail pre-orders is that it will sell out fast.

“Natural perfume already evolves a lot on the skin, so when you layer Abel scents, you’re really creating something unique… Gone are the days of wanting to smell like everyone else,” shared Abel Master Perfumer Isaac Sinclair.

The luxury set features a 15ML bottle of Cyan Nori – a sweet salty musk, Green Cedar – a velvety rich wood, and Pink Iris – a contemporary classic floral.

“I love hearing about our customers layering their fragrances, it really shows a deeper awareness of, and connection to, the scents. My personal favourite combination is Green Cedar on my skin and Cyan Nori in my hair, but I also love to wear Green Cedar or Cyan Nori during the day and then add a spray of Pink Iris when I head out in the evening for a little extra something.” said Abel Founder, Frances Shoemack.

Abel recommends trialling one fragrance on skin, and one (or more) on hair or clothes so the fragrances can be smelt in unison but not blended. On skin, the scent will really open up with the warmth of your blood, on hair or clothes the fragrance will last longer. The set includes additional tips for layering on the packaging and the three bottle box set is the perfect, accessible format for experimenting.