Janet Jackson performance was a “massive flop”

Reviews of Janet Jackson’s performance in Perth over the weekend are not what you’d expect.

Accused of a ‘low energy’ performance with lip-synching, the iconic singer was slammed online by dissatisfied attendees.

Jackson is the headling act for national concert series RNB Fridays, however, was labelled the ‘downer’ of the night when it was noticed her lip-synching was out of time to the backing track.

According to a concert reviewer, it was “clear there were audio problems, with her lip-synching painfully out of sync with the music and her performance lacking energy”.

The 53-year-old singer also received backlash for a “confusing” countdown before she entered the stage, audio and visual issues and a “low energy” performance.

The Herald Sun’s reporter Cam Adams defended Jackson in his review of the concert, claiming she was singing live.

“The fact she stopped and repeated the lyric to get a reaction at least silenced those who felt her show has zero live vocals – clearly Jackson sings over her vocals as she’s basically putting on a 45 minute aerobic dance work out that also doubles as a history of pop music stretching back to 1986,” he wrote.