Anyone up for a laugh?

Who doesn’t love a bit of comedy? Especially around Christmas when the family are all together and the mood is significantly merrier.

Luckily, back for its eleventh year, the Basement Theatre Christmas Show is providing comedy lovers with a night full of festive lols, cheesy gags and bellyaches of laughter. Spaced themed, the show titled A Fricken Dangerous Space-mas is an intergalactic concoction of social commentary, acting, improv and humour, made up of some of New Zealand’s best talent.

Written by Kiwi comedy trio Frickin Dangerous Bro, the show is set aboard the International Space Station in which the crew are awaiting the announcement of the ship’s new captain. It is then revealed that one of the crew members are hiding a secret that might result with the end of mankind.

For their first adaption of a theatre-script, the Frickin Dangerous Bro group have cleverly tackled social issues with a comedic flair. The show’s rotational guest cast is set to provide pleasant surprises each night as they are thrown into the galaxy to improv their part. Audience members can also expect a variety of Kiwi talent including David Correos, Marianne Infante, Sam Snedden and Carrie Green.

Basement Theatre Producer in Residence Alice Kirker said the Christmas Show promises an entertaining ride and laughter that will continue long after the final curtain.

Finally, boasting as the gift that just keeps on giving, profits made from the show will also go straight towards supporting the development of emerging artists as well as maintaining the venue itself.

For a show out of this world, it may be worth booking a seat.