Japan Is Putting The Extra Fish Soy Sauce Bottle To Good Use

If you love sushi as much as we do, you’ll be familiar with the little ‘fish soy sauce bottle’ that comes with your sushi. However, due to COVID-19, packaging manufacturers in Japan have found many orders of the ‘fish soy sauce bottle’ and ‘bento boxes’ being called off due to the cancellation of events and fewer sales in general.

With these ‘fish soy sauce bottles’ piling up with nowhere to go, United Nations and Cleanse EX decided to team up and create #SafeHandFish to make good use of the extra bottles. They’ve combined the well-known fish bottles and filled them with antibacterial sanitising gel. To represent cleanliness, they’ve changed the cap of the bottle from red to well-known United Nations blue.

#SafeHandFish is free of charge to all high demand restaurants and delivery businesses, so once the food arrives, you can use the sanitiser to disinfect the areas you need.

At the moment, there are already more than 10 businesses participating in #SafeHandFish, so a big (sanitised) hand to the United Nations and Cleanse Ex for creatively helping COVID-19 impacted businesses as well as keeping communities safe!