Kanoa Lloyd campaigns for the ban of fireworks

The Project NZ host Kanoa Lloyd is campaigning for the ban of fireworks after her dog was left terrified this week.

Lloyd documented that this year’s Guy Fawkes antics scared her dog and left her local park covered in rubbish. The tv host took to social media to post photos of her frightened dog Brown cowering from the noise on Tuesday night.

“Happy Guy Fawkes. Hope you’re having fun because Brown is not!!!” she captioned her photo.

On Wednesday, Lloyd shared a video of the rubbish she had collected from her local reserve.

“I was already mad, then I woke up this morning to this,” she said in a clip of the fireworks rubbish posted to her Instagram.

“Double dickhead points for you losers. Thanks heaps.”

Lloyd said she has since received an overwhelming response from citizens who believe a ban on fireworks is in order.

“It was all supportive,” she said.

“Animal owners, parents, other people cleaning up rubbish in parks around their homes. I think people are totally over the mess and stress of private fireworks.”