KAYAK Away From the Winter Blues

rice fields at sunrise in ubud, bali

Cold weather means we’re all bundled up inside, watching movies and reading books about warmer or more exciting places. Instead of dreaming of greener pastures forever, why not do something about it?

A specialist search engine, KAYAK, has designed a desktop app so Kiwis can get started booking those dream holidays instead of just thinking about them. KAYAK’s data stores show that New Zealand travellers most frequently journey to Honolulu, London, Sydney, and Nadi. Desktop Escape provides stunning imagery of these and 90 more locations across the world, so you can gaze at your future holiday in high-definition.

Regional Director of KAYAK, Robin Chiang, commented that the app is meant to inspire users to plan and action their next holiday. “We often need inspirations to help us go through cold winter months,” he said. The app not only inspires but also encourages, showing users the best price on flights to their chosen vacay #inspo. Desktop Escape uses AI technology and a conglomeration of smaller travel search engines to run data.

With the click of a button, users can book a flight, hotel, or rental car anywhere in the world. The app is available for both PC and Mac users.

If you’re interested in starting to plan a summer holiday, you can download KAYAK’s Desktop Escape here.