Kiwiburger, Still Our Tucker!

Kiwis. We’re a diverse bunch and we’re proud to say so. That’s why McDonald’s have re-written the iconic Kiwiburger song in a new campaign to celebrate what it means to be Kiwi today.

When the original Kiwiburger song was released almost 30 years ago, Wellington had only just got internet access, Jim Bolger was Prime Minister, and the land of the long white cloud was home to only 1.2 million Kiwis.

30 years on, there are 5 million of us, we still love rugby, world peace and kauri trees, but we’ve grown to love more than just the classics.

With half a million Kiwis regularly playing golf, it was only fitting that ‘golf wins’ was added to the new lyrics, and given New Zealand has the most boats per capita compared to anywhere else in the world, ‘sailing yachts’ had to be included.  Enlisting the help of some famous friends including Anika Moa, Troy Kingi and a band of Kiwi’s from all over, the new song will now resonate for many years to come.

“We are a proudly diverse nation, and we wanted to ensure the Kiwiburger song reflects the modern New Zealand,” expressed Jo Mitchell, McDonald’s NZ Director of Marketing.