Lady Luxe X Urban Tomboy

Isaac + Lulu is not afraid to embrace individuality and has a strong focus on quality products over fast fashion trends. “In an age of disposable fashion, we encourage buying less but better. We embrace this philosophy with each collection, allowing you to mix your high-quality new pieces back with your favourites from seasons past,” explained Ange Todd, the brand’s designer. “Our designs are always tactile, uncomplicated and considered, with the goal of bringing long-term pleasure and satisfaction to the wearer.”

Their latest collection, The Danish Girl, brings a fresh and innovative style to the Winter ’19 season. The line was inspired by a recent trip to the Netherlands and Scandinavia, where the designer drew from the aesthetics and moods around her. “The stunning design, chilled lifestyle and appreciation of vintage all played a part in shaping The Danish Girl,” added Todd. “I’ve always had an appreciation for Scandie design, the clean, timeless lines involving thought and functionality work effortlessly with the more decadent and ornate history. It felt fresh but not unfamiliar.” The label combined their international inspiration with their unique style, which resulted in a well-rounded offering of detailed designs. Coveted shapes and classic silhouettes with a modern twist are scattered through the collection, creating an extensive and fresh experience for their consumers. “Our brand promises to be true to a clean and modern aesthetic that favours urban comfort over corporate constraints or seasonal fads.”

Isaac + Lulu is a proudly New Zealand designed company, which utilises New Zealand and internationally sought fabrics and textiles to create the best experience for their consumers. “Our fabrics allow for designs to be both New Zealand made and unique. Although a New Zealand brand, fabrics are sourced from all around the world with a priority on quality, comfort, luxury and sustainability,” said Todd. The combination of materials from throughout the world has allowed the brand to develop a stylish collection which compliments their unique inspirations.

The collection has been made available for retailers who fit in with the label’s strong vision and values. “Our brand is best aligned to an innovative retailer that enjoys quality, individuality and places a strong emphasis on customer relationships,” explained Todd. They hold their values closely and are committed to representing them within every aspect of their company. “Quality, innovation, joy, sustainability, functionality,” articulated Todd. These are Isaac + Lulu’s primary focuses, and ones that will carry them through their time in New Zealand’s elite fashion industry. The collective was named after the children of Todd (Lulu) and her colleague Toni Sills (Isaac), which gives the collection an intimate and innocent complexion. “They are both young, vibrant individuals that have no fear and a fresh innocence that is a constant inspiration for the label.” The Danish Girl collection fits into this fresh and devoted aesthetic the brand has developed.

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