Lanka Feeds the Body and Soul

Fennec book club title, with Lanka Food : Serendipity & Spice, by O Tama Carey

Lanka Food: Serendipity & Spice is O Tama Carey’s homage to her Sri Lankan roots. It is a complete guide to the island nation’s food and culture.

Lanka, is Sanskrit for island, and the tiny tear-drop-shaped country is full of complex cooking traditions which O Tama Carey explores.

The Sydney chef and restaurateur brings knowledge passed to her from her mother and grandmother, that has traditionally sat separate from her cooking career. But instead of putting aside her food culture, this book embraces it.

It does not just hold recipes, but essays that contextualize the cuisine and provide a deepened understanding of a culture that centers so strongly around food. It is an excellent starting point for anyone looking to share Sri Lankan feasts with friends and family at home.