Las Vegas Targets Gen Z Couples

A destination known for the ultimate quick, stress-free and fun wedding, Las Vegas will celebrate its 70th anniversary as the Wedding Capital of the World on the 3rd of September this year.

With more than five million “I do’s” and counting each year, Las Vegas conducts more destination weddings than any other place.

At its annual Wedding Industry 2023 at Caesars Palace, the event included wedding forecasts for Gen Z couples, updated news on the Las Vegas wedding industry and its ranking on a global scale, presented by Clark County Clerk Lynn Marie Goya, Clark County Commissioner Michael Naft, the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority, the Vegas Wedding Chamber and more.

The presentation revealed that North America’s destination wedding market value is expected to reach $8.166 billion by 2033. Destination wedding market drivers include; consumers seeking stress-free weddings, the ability to find destinations with perfect weather, more quality time with guests and the availability of well-facilitated wedding destinations.

Among destination weddings in the United States specifically, Southern Nevada accounted for 3.5 percent of the wedding market share in 2021, according to the Clark County Clerk’s marriage licence data. Eighty percent of licences issued in Clark County in 2022 were to out-of-town couples, and almost 15 percent went to couples from international markets.

Although millennials accounted for the most significant demographic to marry in Las Vegas at 53.1 percent of the market share, Gen Z is on the rise as a fast-growing market in Las Vegas, accounting for almost 9 percent of the market in 2022.

Climate change is Gen Z’s biggest concern, and they are willing to pay more for sustainable brands, making adding eco-friendly and carbon offset information into wedding products and services valuable. The generation also emphasises stress-free wedding experiences.

Another similarity between millennial and Gen Z travellers is that they look for unique experiences when booking a vacation. Social media continues to be highly effective in influencing decisions for destination wedding planning, with Gen Z preferring mobile-first experiences for research and booking. 

Popular destination marketing trends include cultural and heritage locations, personalisation, wedding planners, customised wedding tour packages, the rise in honeymoon travel and destination weddings rather than simple leisure tours, and drone videography over traditional and eco-friendly weddings.

According to the industry analysis and opportunity assessment, consumers are also shifting their preferences to high-value premium spots, including higher quality of service, uniqueness and personalisation. “Premiumisation” bridges the prevailing gap between economic and luxury destinations in the market and is quickly gaining popularity.