The World That We Knew

Alice Hoffman

In a world where evil can be found at every turn, we meet remarkable characters that take us on a stunning journey of loss and resistance, the fantastical and the mortal, in a place where all roads lead past the Angel of Death and love is never-ending.

Big Ideas for Small Houses

Catherine Foster

Catherine Foster has brought together striking New Zealand houses sized 100 square metres or smaller to give readers ideas and inspiration for owning a first home in the 21st century.

Mid-Century Living: The Butterfly House Collection

Christine Fernyhough

Christine Fernyhough, collector, philanthropist and best-selling author takes readers on a trip down memory lane with her astounding collection of vintage New Zealand art, objects and design at her classic 1960s seaside bach.


Jessica Bellef

We all deserve to live unapologetically in homes that reflect who we are. Instead of a cookie-cutter approach, we crave spaces that make us feel secure and connected, nurtured and enriched. Individual journeys to 15 truly unique homes that are authentic reflections of the people who inhabit them, from an art-filled city terrace to a magical seaside shack and a 1970s-era palace in the ‘burbs.

Practical tips on such topics as choosing a palette, balancing function and style, and living better with ‘stuff’ show you how to imbue your space—whether a rented apartment or a cottage in the country—with the essence of you. Individual is a stunning reminder that you don’t need a bulging bank account or an award-winning architect to create an authentic space in which you can thrive.


Victoria Alexander

Back in print by popular demand, One is about a sense of self. A celebration of individuality, it empowers you to think about how you value and respect yourself while feeling proud to be one of many. It’s about trusting your judgement and open-heartedly accepting life’s inevitable changes.

Warm and wise, One will inspire you to try anything on for size. It recognises our choices are entirely our own, approves of admitting mistakes and encourages you to ask for what you want. One welcomes cosmopolitanism and will bring joy to those who want to live life meaningfully by incorporating beauty and embracing one’s own freedoms.

Tales of a Financial Hot Mess

Frances Cook

If you’re looking to find the light at the end of your financial crisis, then look no further. Reformed money mess Frances Cook shared how she got her ‘money sh*t’ sorted in Tales of Financial Hot Mess. Featuring proven financial advice, handy how-tos (and please-don’ts), and numerous expert insights this book is your ticket to financial freedom.

Grand Union

Zadie Smith

In the summer of 1959, an Antiguan immigrant in London lives the last day of his life. A mother looks back on her early forays into matters of the human heart. A disgraced cop stands amid the broken shards of his life. A teenager chases spectres through a premium virtual reality, trailed by a little girl with a runny nose and no surviving family.

Interweaving ten completely new and unpublished stories with some of her best-loved pieces from the New Yorker and elsewhere, Zadie Smith presents a sharply alert and slyly prescient collection about time and place, identity and rebirth, the persistent legacies that haunt our present selves and the uncanny futures that rush up to meet us.


Nina Freundenberger

In Bibliostyle, interior designer Nina celebrates the beauty of books and the personal touch they bring to the homes they live in. With its gorgeous photography, Bibliostyle offers a peek into the private libraries of passionate readers from all over the world and all walks of life.  Featuring an abundance of rare collections, floor-to-ceiling shelves and stacks upon stacks of books.