New Neon is on its way! The result of a love match between Lightbox and Neon, the biggest 100% New Zealand-owned streaming movie and entertainment platform will go live next month.

Until then, the Lightbox and Neon teams are managing a merger; ensuring the systems, services and favourite shows like The Handmaid’s Tale and Game of Thrones are all in place for customers to enjoy, uninterrupted.

“Neon and Lightbox have come into their own during lockdown,” said Ricki Taiaroa, who is heading up the mash-up of two loved brands.

“We’ve been stoked to see the growth from customers streaming loads of binge-worthy TV and movies from the safety of their bubbles. This has set us up well to unite the two platforms under the new Neon brand and bring our customers the great content they deserve.”

“Lightbox and Neon customers are very passionate, and they’ve told us what they’d like to see, so we’re working hard to bring together the best parts of both. We can’t wait to see how New Zealand reacts when we launch new Neon. There’s going to be so much content in one place for only. We reckon it’s a match made in binge-watching heaven.”

So, what’s changing?

  1. Neon customers will have access to Lightbox’s best shows and series and Lightbox customers will be able to enjoy great Neon shows, series and selected movies. When Lightbox merges with Neon, the hardest decision for customers will be what to watch first!
  2. The Neon streaming platform has been enhanced so it’s easier to use, has great features (such as downloads) – and it’s also more robust.
  3. The perfect pairing of Neon and Lightbox will be available for only $13.95 per month, with no contract required, giving customers access to a tonne of quality content at fantastic value.

What do customers need to do?

Nothing yet – the switch over will take a few weeks to finalise in the background. In the next few days, both Neon and Lightbox customers will receive details via email of the new Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy which will apply to new Neon from 7 July.

As we get closer to 7 July, all customers will be sent simple instructions for what to do when the changeover takes effect. For the most part, it will involve downloading or refreshing the Neon app on a smartphone, tablet, or smart TV.

Where do customers go if they have any questions?

The best place is to head to Frequently Asked Questions or the Neon Facebook page. It’s important to note some Lightbox customers will have Lightbox as part of a mobile and/or broadband package with Spark. Spark will be contacting all these customers with details on how the switch to new Neon will happen for them.

So, while customers don’t need to lift a finger just yet – very soon they’ll be able to use their smartphone, tablet, or smart TV to enjoy the absolute best from the new Neon – designed by Kiwis for Kiwis.