Limited Edition Pantry Staples Already Selling Out

For the first time in almost two decades, the iconic Kiwi Chelsea Sugar has released a new limited edition range of sugar tins! Free with purchase from your local supermarket, the tins are flying out the door already. There are ONLY 100,000 tins with three 1kg designs available to collect. The three designs are for your Soft Brown Sugar, Icing Sugar, and Caster Sugar.

“Chelsea sugar and syrups have been a Kiwi pantry staple since 1884, from an industrial revolution, through war time, boom times and the wild ride that is 2020 – Chelsea’s history is immensely rich,” explained Tracey McKay from Chelsea Sugar.

A welcome addition to the pantry, we absolutely love these designs and is a fantastic throwback for us millennials and gen x’ers. The launch of the tins was to celebrate the iconic brand conducting a nationwide search for the oldest Chelsea Sugar or syrup tin – which if discovered could be over 135 years old…

“Our nationwide search will give Chelsea-loving Kiwis an opportunity to share favourite family memories associated with their tin.”

Think you have the tin they’re looking for? Email!