Local Band Literally Breaks a Leg During Performance

Local metal/rock’n’roll/insert sub-genre here band called Helgorithms played a gig at the Ding Dong Lounge in town on Friday night. The band is known for it’s high energy stage presence but last Friday the bassist Bailey Roiall, aka Bam Bam, managed to snap his leg in two places during the performance (which reminds me of this joke… if you want to read it go to the very bottom of this article). Roiall stayed positive and told Stuff.com that it was great to have the whole event photographed. 1464213302404-1

At first he didn’t know what had happened, “I thought it was alright and then I looked at my leg and notied it was pointing the other way to what is should be,” explained Roiall. Now in a moon boot for six to eight weeks, Roiall has been in hospital since the accident and was expecting to be released yesterday despite having trouble walking the other day.

WARNING: GRAPHIC IMAGES AHEAD13240166_1733804833501044_1172037699023102967_n

Roiall told Stuff.com that he could be out next week playing with the band again and agrees that the situation could actually be a blessing in disguise. “You know, obviously any publicity is good publicity,” Roiall told Stuff.com. The story is now widely spread through many news and music sites around the globe. Even the management at the Ding Don Lounge has set up a ‘Buy Bailey a beer’ fund, which will set up a nice little bar tab for when he gets back.  1464213302404-3 1464213302404-4

NOTE: This is a true story.
My father was sick at the hospital and the doctor asked to speak to me outside for a minute, so I followed him out into the hallway. The doctor just told me about his condition and what was wrong, etc. So after I went back in the room and my dad was really upset. Naturally, he asked me what he said – to which I replied…

Me: “Oh he just noticed there was something wrong with my arm…”
Dad: “….what’s wrong with it?”
Me: “Well, he said that it looks like it’s broken in two places…”
Dad: “How did you manage to do that? What are you going to do??”
Me: “He just told me….DON’T GO TO THOSE TWO PLACES”

And of course I cracked up and he got the joke and started crying with laughter because I’m an idiot.