Long Weekend Reads

With extra days to spend with fictional friends, long weekends are the perfect time to pick up that great book you’ve been meaning to read, and if you’re not sure what to delve into this Easter weekend, here are our top eight picks for Long Weekend Reads.

The Space Between the Stars 

Indira Naidoo is an Australian broadcaster and author. Her new book is a story of love, loss and the magical healing powers of nature. This personal tale follows Naidoo’s navigation of life after her sister suddenly died, and how a connection to the natural world was her solstice in the darkest of times.

The Space Between The Stars, novel by Indira Naidoo


The Little Book of Valentino 

This is the story of fashion powerhouse Valentino Garavani. Written by Karen Homer, she starts in the 1950s when Valentino was still being established, and then takes us through the institution’s journey in the 70s, 80s and 90s. The story of how Valentino has come to be so iconic.

The Little Book of Valentino by Karen Homer


Own It 

Own It is Jessica Jones’ personal story. A relatable one for the modern woman, wherein they are constantly told changes are the path to happiness. Known on Instagram as The Fat Funny One, Jones hopes to help silence the voices in your head that say you are not good enough.

Own It By Jessica Jones


The Bookseller at the End of the World

As a bookseller quite literally at the end of the world, Ruth Shaw has plenty of stories to tell. With two books shops in Manapouri, this memoir weaves together all the tales of Shaw’s life. From interesting book-shoppers to sailing on the Pacific, it will make you laugh and cry.

The Bookseller At the end of the World by Ruth Shaw


The Devil’s Bargain 

By Dame Stella Rimington, former head of MI5, this is a tale of bribes, deception and fear. Policeman Harry Bristow once took a bribe and let unknown Igor into Britain. Fifteen years later Harry recognises Igor as the newly elected MP, and both fear what the other may do next.

The Devil's Bargain By Stella Rimington


The Family Chao

Written by Lan Samantha Chang, the Chao family have been the suspects for lots of whispers in Lake Haven, Wisconsin. They own the best restaurant in town, but when patriarch Leo ‘Big’ Chao is found dead and his son Dagou ‘Dog Eater’ Chao is placed on trial, complete chaos breaks loose.

The Family Chao by Lan Samantha Chang


Tickets for the Ark

Extinction rates are at an all-time high, and while we might not be getting on a literal Ark, it certainly feels like we might be. Society is forced to pick and choose between which of the 8.7 million species deserve conservation and which do not. Rebecca Nesbit dives into the debate of how we choose what to conserve and what is happening to the wonderful species of this planet.

Tickets For the Ark by Rebecca Nesbit


Nine Lives

Nine strangers. Nine blank envelopes. No return address, a single folded sheet of white paper. The only thing each stranger understands is their own name, and that each of these letters might just be the last they ever receive. This chilling crime novel by Peter Swanson might keep you up.

Nine Lives by Peter Swanson