Looking For a Caterer in Christchurch? Caterway’s the Easy Way

Here’s a hot tip if you need some catering in Christchurch, a new online catering platform, Caterway, has been designed for corporates looking to simplify their catering administration, but it’s also a great way for anyone planning a birthday or event to see a wide range of caterers in one place.

f you’ve ever planned food for a big party or organised a caterer for a wedding, you’ll remember the stress of back-and-forth emails organising menus, delivery times and invoices. Caterway does it a different way: You just choose what you want on a caterer’s page, choose pick up or a delivery time, and pay online. It’s easier for you, and easier for the wonderful local Christchurch catering community.

It’s a devastatingly delicious looking website to browse, listing caterers that cover every kind of cuisine you could possibly want, along with helpful photos, per person prices and example menus. The caterers are tagged into super-helpful categories, so you browse all the healthy options, all the finger food options, or all the caterers that can provide service staff (sweet-toothed readers beware – there’s also a dessert category). It’s great if you’ve left it to the last minute too – most of the caterers only need 24 or 48 hours’ notice, and some will do it with just two hours.

The Caterway team will also help you pick a caterer – if you tell them about your event, preferences and dietary requirements, they hand-pick the caterers they think would suit you best and formulate a few different quotes for you to choose from.

Right now, all the listed businesses are local to Christchurch, so it’s an awesome way to back the crafty food magicians that keep this city satisfied.

Visit caterway.nz for more information.