MAFS S10 EP25 | “How Do You Contribute To The Problems In Your Relationship?”


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Episode Twenty-Five: The Bronte-Harrison Whiplash Special

For anyone who viewed the dinner party and watched the latest commitment ceremony with a gobsmacked expression, you are not alone. 

The latest commitment ceremony saw the exit of the turnaround couple, Jesse and Claire and the reunion of the most divisive couple currently on reality television, Harrison and Bronte. 

Of course, beloved pair Tahnee and Ollie voted to stay, and wedding disaster pair Evelyn and Rupert have made leaps and bounds, which they revealed to the experts. The pair stated they hadn’t gone ‘all the way’ but had seen each other naked and were enjoying new intimacy. 

When Bronte and Harrison were invited to the couch, the couple’s breakup and falling out from days prior seemed to be shrugged off by the pair, leaving viewers, other experiment participants, and experts alike in total confusion. 

“I’m going to allow Bronte the chance to redeem herself to me,” confessed Harrison before entering the commitment ceremony. 

Harrison continued his rhetoric of being wronged and offended by Bronte and the others for being called a manipulator, which he wanted to address specifically because, of course, the most important things to address were the insults to Harrison’s image. 

Relationship expert John Aiken, however, brushed off Harrison’s desire to focus on the comments of others and instead wanted to evaluate what kind of insight the groom had on his problematic behaviour. Harrison continued to divert blame for the problems in his relationship to Bronte’s ‘emotional’ nature. 

“How do you contribute to the problems in your relationship?” asked Aiken. 

An embarrassing silence followed Aiken’s question as viewers could see the cogs turning in Harrison’s brain as he attempted to spin an answer that deflected away from him. 

“Look, I’ve made mistakes,” Harrison threw out after a vague ‘I don’t know’ proved to be an insufficient answer for Aiken, including everyone else. 

“What mistakes?” quizzed Aiken, not allowing the groom to try and avoid the subject. 

“I don’t know,” repeated Harrison. 

Groans erupted from viewers at home and for every other participant. Aiken aptly pointed out that Harrison’s vague answers indicated that Harrison believed he did not, in fact, make mistakes. 

Bride Lyndall called out from the nearby couches, frustrated with Bronte, who claimed she was still falling for Harrison. Lyndall stated that Bronte had days prior claimed she was done with Harrison and agreed that the rest of the brides were correct about her groom. 

I feel stupid,

“I feel stupid,” said an exasperated Lyndall.

“I know, babe,” quipped Bronte with a petulant expression. 

“Do you think Harrison is emotionally manipulating you?” asked Aiken to Bronte, who thought for a moment before replying that she didn’t think she was. 

The screaming lack of chemistry between the couple and the bland words used to describe their ‘care’ for each other only furthered suspicions regarding their relationship authenticity. 

When Claire and Jesse came to the couch, Harrison’s mind games from the dinner impacted the groom Jesse deeply as he sat solemnly. Harrison decided to speak out against Claire, picking a fight over her recounting that she called Harrison a manipulator at the dinner table. 

Claire and Jesse voted to leave after the pair could not reconcile from Harrison’s implication that Claire only stayed to repair her image. The exit disappointed experts, who asked if the decision would have differed if the pair had not attended the dinner party. 

“Yes,” replied a downcast Jesse. 

Aiken turned then to address the rest of the group, particularly Harrison. Aiken dissected Harrison’s destructive words and forced the groom to admit he threw a grenade into a relationship based on something he was not 100 percent certain was true. 

Another couple in crisis, Alyssa and Duncan, sat on the couch where Alyssa’s insecurities continued to derail the couple’s ability to move forward. Alyssa left the couch in tears, and Duncan was finally given a moment, to be honest about how he struggled in their dynamic before Alyssa returned. 

While Alyssa was allowed to speak on her feelings, she immediately told Duncan that he made her feel like a bad person when he honestly and incredibly respectfully, described his feelings. 

“Be careful not to use Duncan’s feelings against him,” pointed out Alessandra. 

However, despite the struggles in the couple’s relationship, both voted to stay. 

The following week ahead will bring more drama for all, with the reality show exploring a brand new challenge for each of their couples, a partner swap.