MAFS S10 EP26 | “She Gaslit You.”

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Episode Twenty-Six: The Partner Swap

In MAFS, first, the experts decided to stir the pot by having every couple swap partners for three days. The experiment created the assignment under the guise for each individual to receive constructive criticism that could improve their relationships.

However, the assignment was a last-ditch effort to maintain the flames of drama between Harrison and Melinda, notable enemies. When the notes are slid under each apartment door of the couple, Melinda reads out that she must welcome Harrison to her shared apartment with Layton as her partner reacts with a shocked expression.

“I’d rather jump off the balcony,” confessed Melinda.

Controversial couple Bronte and Harrison giggled about the arrangement before conspiring that the opportunity would give Harrison the ammunition to see every fault in Melinda and Layton’s relationship, to tear it down from the inside. However, Harrison claimed his motivations are founded in ‘care,’ just as his reasons for meddling in Jesse and Claire’s relationship.

“I have little brothers. I’d do the same for them,” stated an emotional Harrison as Bronte grasped his hand.

“That’s beautiful,” replied Bronte.

Layton did not enjoy the concept of the challenge at all. He saw absolutely no benefit for Melinda and him as a couple to be apart and have a person enter their space, which has caused significant tension for Melinda particularly.

By divine timing, Harrison knocked on Melinda and Layton’s shared apartment just in time to witness the couple descend into an argument, to which Harrison interjected himself.

“I actually respect Melinda for taking part in the challenge,” said Harrison, aligning himself with Melinda for the first time in the experiment.

Layton moves into a separate apartment, refusing to move in with Bronte leaving things between him and Melinda in a yelling match that neither is heard.

Activities are issued for each couple, where they ask hard-hitting questions about their relationship, which the other must answer honestly. Layton’s questions centred around being validated based on his reaction to the challenge, to which Bronte does an excellent job of creating further friction between Melinda and Layton.

“She gaslit you,” shared Bronte, who elaborated that Melinda’s communication style came across frequently as an attack and that she wasn’t sure about the couple’s ability to overcome disagreements.

Meanwhile, wholesome partner swaps, Ollie with Lyndell and Evelyn with Duncan, included sweet moments of the friend exchanging advice on improving their relationships.

Evelyn did a goofy baking photoshoot with Duncan as a surprise for Alyssa. At the same time, Ollie had deep conversations with Lyndall regarding the future of her relationship, which had the bride reflecting on how she had not ever conversed so introspectively with her partner before.

The greatest drama from the episode came from each couple writing letters regarding their concerns about the relationship, with Duncan directly addressing in his letter he understood Alyssa’s worries, which was intercut with Alyssa writing in her letter Duncan could never understand what it means to have a child and how important her son is to her.

When Alyssa returned to her shared apartment with Duncan, she shared as much, distantly accepting Duncan’s gifts and brushing off his attempts to communicate with her. The interaction left Duncan in tears as Alyssa left, uninterested in meeting her partner halfway.

Whether or not the couple survive the experiment is yet to be determined. However, Alyssa not missing Duncan while being away may indicate some towards their future.