MAFS S10 EP27 | “I Don’t Believe It.”

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Episode Twenty-Seven: Ghosts Of MAFS Participants Past

Melinda and Layton started the episode with an argument that reduced Melinda to tears.

“My heart is breaking,” sobbed Melinda as she and Layton argued over him not returning to their shared apartment. The groom consoled his wife before taking an extra day of space away. 

The next day Layton returned, and Melinda was in clear low spirits, with the bride confessing that it would take longer for her to overcome their disagreement this time around as she felt neglected by her partner. While she shared that distance works well for Layton, it only exacerbates relationship issues for Melinda. 

“Layton has picked up on my low mood,” said Melinda. She praised that although they were not on ideal terms, she appreciated her partner reading her mood and giving her space instead of creating a heated discussion regarding her sadness.  

However, the reunion between the pair would not last long as both brides and grooms were to have respective girl’s and boy’s nights. 

Bronte seemed the least enthused by the prospect of girl’s night, stating that the gendered evenings had not boded well for her in the past. 

Alas, each bride and groom dressed up to prepare for the affair. However, a surprising twist was in store for the participants, as familiar faces would join them for their big night out. 

Bronte took the apt opportunity to dramatise the interactions between her and Layton as she theatrically recounted that she was alone for three days due to Layton’s refusal to share an apartment with a bride other than his wife. 

However, the first familiar face to arrive at girl’s night was Sandy (formerly partnered with Dan). Her arrival was met with squeals of excitement from Lyndall in particular. 

“That’s my girl,” giggled a giddy Lyndall. 

In true MAFS style, Claire’s entrance was excited for every dramatic dreg it had, as it was teased that Janelle would also be attending. Claire elaborated on her remorse once again, confessing that she was nervous about making amends with the bride whose husband she kissed (Adam). 

However, the pair’s interaction was an underwhelming experience compared to the build-up leading to it, a testament perhaps to both brides’ ability to articulate their feeling and apologise. 

Claire’s entrance was welcomed by everyone apart from Bronte. 

“No hello for me?” Asked a confused Claire to Bronte. The other bride shook her head. 

Bronte told the camerapeople that she had no interest in greeting the other bride, who had been so outspoken regarding her marriage and partner. However, the greatest anti-Harrison advocate appeared to be Sandy, who asked Bronte whether or not she had feelings for her partner, to which Bronte replied that she did. 

“I don’t believe it,” shrugged Sandy. 

Due to Sandy’s words, Bronte promptly left another girl’s night, shocking all the other brides. 

Meanwhile, at boy’s night, Josh (formerly partnered with Melissa) was welcomed into boy’s night with roars of delight from the other grooms. Followed close behind was Hugo, whom every other groom stated was Josh’s doppelganger. 

If by that you mean ruggedly handsome, I’ll accept it,

“If by that you mean ruggedly handsome, I’ll accept it,” shared Josh as the pair of grooms began conversing in a scarily similar cadence to the bemusement of the other grooms. 

However, the return of Shannon (formerly partnered with Caitlin) was met with a far less enthused welcome, with many grooms sharing ‘yikes’ expressions. 

“Of all the grooms I hadn’t met, I was most excited to meet Josh. Shannon? Not so much” revealed Hugo. 

The blow-up of the evening came with Adam’s return, which began with his apology to the boy about his cheating with Claire, where he shared that he had also profusely apologised to Jesse.

“What about Janelle?” Whispered Harrison, for once asking the question all were wondering. 

However, Harrison quickly derailed the conversation asking Adam what he hoped to gain by his speech, accusing the groom of not owning his actions, which Adam contested, sharing that his speech was an attempt to do so. The bickering got so intense that Harrison banged the table, almost causing his wine glass to tip over, a point not missed by Adam. 

“Almost spilled your wine there, boy,” goaded Adam. Harrison humourlessly chuckled in response and decided, like Bronte, that having the heat turned on him was not what he wanted, something he made clear with the camera crew as they asked him about Harrison owning up to his behaviour. 

Let’s see what tonight’s dinner party brings.