MAFS S10 EP32 | “I’m Done.”


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Episode Thirty-Two: Black Box

The final dinner party was not for the faint-hearted. While this season of MAFS has proven to be an emotionally draining affair, the last dinner party certainly took the cake. 

Alyssa attempted to paint Duncan in a bad light in her ongoing effort when recounting their homestay. Rupert tried to defend Duncan, stating that the groom had shared he never takes anyone on his boat, as taking her was a unique experience. 

“Okay, that’s not true,” began Alyssa, the well-oiled tone often used when she is about to throw her partner under a double-decker bus.

“I was ready to tell him how I’m falling for him. He pretty much ripped our entire relationship apart.” 

Alyssa’s habitual need to have Duncan be the villain only makes it easier to view her as the villain, as Duncan appears like a saint in comparison. But, we digress. 

Another participant adept in attempting to appear innocent in all circumstances was Harrison. He put in his best effort to once again not mention his behaviour and instead detailed the homestay as an event of which he was, without any prompting, berated by Bronte and her sister. 

“Bronte just viciously attacked me,” said the groom. 

Quoting the words actually spoken by Kirra, Bronte’s sister, Harrison sounded of the attacks, with top votes for being narcissistic and a gaslighter, as well as some other choice labels. 

Evelyn’s reaction was amusing, as she seemingly was shocked and enjoyed Harrison being called out. The experts stated that the homestay gave Bronte a chance to find her voice with the support of her sister. 

The greatest revelation of the night was the experts giving each couple a black box with a confrontational question they must ask each other. 

“Will I be enough for you long-term?” asked Tahnee to Ollie. 

The groom didn’t hesitate and replied almost incredulously that, of course, she would be. 

“Are you falling in love with me?” asked Ollie.

“Yes, I am,” confirmed Tahnee. 

If bets had to be placed on which couple would survive, all bets would be on Tahnee and Ollie. 

Duncan finally finds the courage to call Alyssa out as she does her best to drain all life and energy from the groom again. 

I was just trying to say something I like about you, and you cut me down,

“I was just trying to say something I like about you, and you cut me down,” stated Duncan, after he had attempted to kindly compliment her about how much he enjoyed how she made him feel when the couple were in a good place. 

Rupert and Evelyn’s question revealed the depth of insecurity in the relationship. While Rupert may finally be able to have a conversation and connection with his bride, he has not gotten over the overwhelming sense that he and Evelyn are on different playing fields. 

It was clear he believed that Evelyn was too attractive or too ‘something’ for him as he projected onto her that she had no interest in him, despite her repeated efforts to build a connection with him. 

Cam and Lyndall’s question only furthered what was already apparent. Cam does not see a future with Lyndall. However, Evelyn makes an excellent point to Cam as he carries his spiel of not being affectionate enough as if he were being sent to war. 

“Someone is going to want affection in your life, whether that’s Lyndall or not, in every single relationship,” Evelyn pointed out. 

Meanwhile, Layton asked Melinda if she was falling in love with him, to which she smiled and admitted she was ‘already there’. However, the information did not compute for the groom. 

“If you can’t speak to someone, are you really?” probed Layton. Melinda asked Layton the same. He responded that he wasn’t there yet. 

Harrison and Bronte’s question was the same charade the couple had played the entire time. Harrison whinged that he felt Bronte was non-committal, with him articulating that he didn’t want her to threaten to leave again, and with Bronte doing Bronte and storming off. 

“I’m done,” confessed Bronte, pulling off her wedding ring. 

At this point, the final commitment ceremony will be an event where only one couple will make it out thriving.