MAFS S10 EP31 | “I Can’t Even Tell My Dad I Love Him.”


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Episode Thirty-One: Homestays Part Two 

Homestays part two was an enlightening time for all couples. Bringing spouses into their personal spaces revealed the truth of each couple’s future longevity (mostly dire). 

The controversial couple who swore they would not recommit to each at the last commitment ceremony did mark it back to homestays, with Harrison visiting Bronte’s hometown Perth.

“I want to show him the person from our wedding,” shared a glowing Bronte.

Her comfort at home shone through the bride, genuine happiness radiating for the first time since the show began. Viewers and Harrison alike noticed it. While Bronte was gushing about cooking her husband a homecooked meal, seeing her in this light only emphasised the suspicion of the authenticity of the couple’s relationship and, somewhat sadly, the toll that it had taken on the bride. 

Then came time for the pair to have with Bronte’s sister Kirra who wasted no time asking what was happening with the couple, which had Harrison bristling. 

“We’re not here to f- spiders,” shrugged Kirra. 

While Bronte often storms out when questioned about her relationship with Harrison, staring back at all other participants and experts with a selective ability to hear the concerns being voiced, Bronte airs all dirty laundry with her sister. 

Bronte recounted that Harrison had shared. The groom stated he didn’t feel confident in her commitment to moving to Sydney and didn’t want her to have a backdoor or out (i.e. a support network) to turn to, as he felt he would then be the only one holding their relationship together. 

Kirra translated this, and for a brief ‘hallelujah’ moment for viewers, she eloquently deconstructed Harrison’s manipulative use of words, cornering him without falling for his tricks. 

“You’re invalidating Bronte’s feelings right now by saying that. That’s narcissistic.” 

The groom stormed off after being called out, and Bronte had seen the light (once again) and removed her wedding ring. However, this viewer was unsure of how long it will stay off. This viewer, for one, would want to avoid getting in between Kirra and Harrison. 

Another couple riddled with commitment issues and accusations were Cam and Lyndall. Cam had stated that he would be more affectionate to his wife once he re-entered his space at home in Darwin. However, it seemed that this was a false promise when the groom refused to kiss the bride. 

“All this over a kiss? It’s ridiculous,” said Cam.

Lyndall replied that if it was ridiculous, the couple shouldn’t talk about it while still clearly upset. In his wisdom, Cam ignored his wife’s clear emotions and stopped discussing them. 

The following day, a run-down Lyndall confessed with tears that she felt unwanted by her partner, that all she wanted was a hug, a kiss, or some indication that Cam cared and would be upset to lose her. It became abundantly clear if a person must beg for the bare minimum of affection and relationship conduct, the relationship is already doomed. 

“I know you don’t like to talk about feelings, but how do you feel about me?” Asked Lyndall to Cam. 

I feel like I’m not good enough for you,

“I feel like I’m not good enough for you,” stated the groom, flipping the conversation onto the bride to avoid discussing how he felt about her and instead detailing his assumptions about her thoughts. 

While Lyndall was trying to find out if her spouse had feelings for her at all, she ended up bearing the brunt of comforting her partner and validating him in the way she so desperately wanted to have cared for herself. 

Melinda and Layton initially began homestays well, with Layton enjoying the stellar view at Melinda’s Brisbane apartment. However, the couple quickly spiralled into another argument that lasted almost an entire day over an open cupboard door. 

The argument spiralled into yet both again operating from a position of assuming they were right, with neither being able to hear the other partner. Layton’s lack of connection to his emotions was discussed, with the bride stating she felt no affection or validation for his feelings for her. 

“I can’t even tell my dad I love him,” responded Layton. 

Melinda quipped back that he could tell his mother that he loved her, to which the groom agreed and said that it was something he was working through. The final straw was Melinda stating that he could even tell the other grooms in the experiment that he loved them, which Layton denied and refused to accept. 

The couple cried over one another, with Layton confessing with astounding clarity. 

“You have two people who care about each other, who can’t communicate.” 

The only couple likely to survive is Tahnee and Ollie, the golden and in-love pair, reminiscing over their wedding day with Ollie sweetly confessing that all he wants is to be with and around Tahnee and that if she’s happy, he’s happy. 

The (actual) final dinner party will surely be an explosive affair.