MAFS S10 EP30 | “I’m Available Every Other Weekend And On Wednesday.”


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Episode Twenty-Eight: Homestays Part One 

The first part of homestays reboiled drama existing between each of the couples for the entirety of the season. 

For those who might not have children, apparently, having a child is the only way to know that they are essential to their parents. For Duncan and Alyssa, the homestay made Duncan the bull and Alyssa the Matador, waving the red flag for Duncan’s impending slaughter committed by each of her friends. 

The mother (if you weren’t aware that Alyssa had a child) had her friends asking questions which Duncan has repeatedly answered on multiple occasions. They asked if he could accept that Alyssa’s child would always take priority, and his response was the same as it always was: he understood that as a no-brainer and was fine with it. 

This answer was met by expressions of people who all needed assistance with hearing.

Alyssa went further, dropping the bombshell that she basically wanted a part-time relationship. 

“I’m available every other weekend and every Wednesday,” shared the bride. 

It was evident that this was the first time the bride had admitted this as Duncan stared back at her with shock written over his entire expression. 

In contrast, Rupert and Evelyn reached a new level of intimacy in their relationship. After they admitted in a previous commitment ceremony that they had seen each other naked, the couple took it further.

“There’s been a touchdown,” said Evelyn, after having spent the day gushing over her partner’s efforts to connect with her.  

“I’m finally out of the friend zone,” gloated Rupert. Well done, Rupert. 

Lyndall is hopeful during her homestay with Cam in Darwin, wanting to see if the experience will bring out the best of Cam as he promised more affection would come her way when he was back in his environment. 

Lyndall committed to every activity with Cam and his family, even feeding fish in the water with bait hanging in her mouth. This viewer is still determining if they would also do that level of commitment, but hats off to Lyndall. 

However, drama ensued after Cam denied showing affection to Lyndall when she attempted to be affectionate with her partner. This ongoing affection problem within the relationship only reiterated what Cam had already admitted to with meaning.

The groom does not love Lyndall enough to want to make the relationship work. 

Later, Duncan and Alyssa met his sister Renee, where the bombshell dropped leaves the groom quiet as his sister shared that she hoped the pair would move in together and become a family unit at some point. 

Not knowing the impact of her words, when Alyssa leaves to pick up her son, Duncan turns to his sister to reveal that Alyssa had iterated that their relationship would exist only on her terms.

Duncan decided to take Alyssa out onto his boat, where Alyssa confessed prior that her relationship with Duncan was the healthiest she’d been in, the irony of which seemed to escape her. Duncan responded that he had hoped the last few weeks were a rough patch because if that’s what Alyssa thought a healthy relationship looked like, that worried Duncan and viewers alike.