Make Wholesome Lifestyle Changes in 2022

Revered Australian nutritionist and naturopath Kelly Healey is thrilled to announce the launch of her first book, Eat for Life, landing this spring

Filled with more than 80 never-before-seen recipes, easy-to-follow meal plans and a sneak-peak inside Healey’s pantry, the recipe book is a wonderful resource and guide for those looking to kick start their journey to better health and wellbeing. The pairing of Healey’s nutritional expertise and her culinary skills is a true recipe for success!

The irresistible collection of healthy recipes covers every meal in the day including delicious breakfast, snacks on the go, lunch, dinner, and guilt-free treats. Boasting more than 60 vegan, vegetarian and gluten-free options, each recipe is accompanied by stunning photography and features a unique nutritional tip from Healey. From banana and peanut butter porridge to broccoli pizzas, mushroom burgers and baked ricotta and spinach cannelloni, there’s something to suit every palate and dietary requirement.

“Each chapter is filled with ideas that span a wide range of flavours and culinary influences. The recipes are united by one thing – they’re all delicious, healthy, and full of exceptionally nutritious ingredients that will provide your body with all the goodness it needs to power through the day. Every food group is covered, and you won’t be missing out on anything that you enjoy,” said Healey.

Inspiring people to make wholesome lifestyle changes, Eat for Life also contains a seven-day easy- to-follow meal plan and breaks down Healey’s five pillars of health: consistency, sleep, exercise, hydration and eating a balanced diet. Readers can learn about key vitamins, their function and food sources, as well as tips for re-organising pantries and a list of Healey’s must-have kitchen items.

Healey’s philosophy is all about embracing natural foods and creating fresh, simple dishes that provide lasting satisfaction. Drawing on her nutritional knowledge, Eat for Life showcases the amazing ways in which nutritious ingredients can be used to create healthy versions of classic dishes.

More than anything, Healey wants to demonstrate that eating well is not about deprivation but enjoying all food groups in moderation and embracing a positive, healthy way of life.

Eat for Life is the perfect gift for foodies this Christmas or the perfect action plan for New Year health resolutions! Available from November 2021.